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What is InTRAP?

InTRAP is Edmonton's foremost ultimate escape room entertainers. Our team strive to deliver not only the most creative yet challenging escape rooms, but also one that leaves you wanting more.

At InTRAP Edmonton Escape Room, we believe the ultimate escape room experience should involve not only the complexity of the challenge itself but also the environment in which players are immersed. With the level of technology our team has utilized, our rooms have the additional "atmosphere" element that will better immerse the players into the stories and challenges. Over and above the traditional puzzle solving, we aim to enhance the players' experience by appealing to players' senses and so conveying a sense of reality. Finally, we place great value in the uniqueness of players' experience and with that we hold ourselves to the highest level of quality in customer service. Your experience is our promise to you.

Our Escape Rooms

edmonton-escape-room escape-room cell-no-8

Cell No. 8

Recommended Players: 4-8 players

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Description: The year is 2009. Agent Jack and his colleagues were captured by the KGB. In a prison cell filled with the smell of fear and blood, death looms over them. To escape torture and death, they must...prison break.

45 Mins

$25/ Player

2Hints/ Room

edmonton-escape-room escape-room pharaoh's-treasure

Pharaoh's Treasure

Recommended Players: 2-6 players

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Description: Thomas and his archaeology team discovered an untouched pyramid. However, unlike most, it is underground. Let us follow the archaeology team on a journey toward discovering the young pharaoh's treasure...

45 Mins

$25/ Player

2Hints/ Room

edmonton-escape-room escape-room haunted-house

The Haunted Apartment

Recommended Players: 2-6 players

Difficulty: ★★★★★

Description: This is a venture no one dares to take... Just outside of Vancouver, a vacant apartment stands alone. A post doc once lived there with his family. He were obsessed with supernatural entities, and claimed there were spirits lingering in the apartment. Then one day he and his family just disappeared without a reason. One day you stepped up on this mystery and decided investigate what happened here. The moment you walked into the apartment, the door shut behind you, and the curse began...

45 Mins

$25/ Player

2Hints/ Room


Have some questions about InTRAP Edmonton Escape Room?
Our FAQ will answer most of your question about our Escape Room

Room escape is a real life entertainment fused with mystery solving and thrill chasing. Participants are put into a room with a specific theme, the goal is to solve varieties of challenges in a constraint time in order to successfully escape the room. In order to complete the mission in time, participants must be invested mentally and use logical senses, remember brain is the new sexy.

Yes! It is possible to personalize a room according to your demands. We could hide presents in the room to let it be found during the process of the game. We also do music alternations. Please inform staffs at the time of the booking if you would like to personalize your game.

Yes we do, but booked appointments have priorities. To make sure you have the theme you desire, please visit our booking page to book your appointment ahead.

Yes! We also take corporate celebrations and group bookings for special occasions. Please book in advance for such circumstances

It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointed time so we could brief you and register you for your game.

If you cannot make it in time for your booking, please let us know 24 hours prior to your appointment. Due to high demands during the weekend ( Friday – Sunday), appointments made for 8 or more participants may require a 15% deposit at the time of the booking, full payment could be made at the time of arrival. If you are going to be late for your appointment, please inform the staff by calling +1-780-757-8385.

We have a strict no electronics policy (except for medical uses), all phones will be kept in lockers provided to participants.

There will be signs in the escape room to warn you about things that are delicate or should not be touched. If there’s any damage to the room in process of the game, participants are responsible for the damage.

It is not necessary to have 8 people to play. A group of participants under 5 people may be placed with another group in rush hours.

10355 Whyte Avenue, Basement Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Z9 CA
Phone: +17807578385 Website: www.intrap.ca


InTRAP Edmonton Escape Room

10355 Whyte Avenue, Basement

Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 1Z9, CA

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